From the recording Square Zero Constant

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Equilibrium Falls - Square Zero Constant (single, 2021)
Music and Lyrics: Equilibrium Falls
Mixing and Mastering: Arrowhead
Cover art: Sergei Pavlov-Blokhin


Day in, day out
Can the meaning still be found?
Day in, day out
Day out

Is there a light at the end of the tunnel
Is there a sign to guide me
Away from this square zero constant
Beyond this perimeter

I always seem to return to zero
I always seem to fall behind

Designed to be confined to square zero
Detained, held back
Devoured by square zero constant

Roll the dice to move away
Always a gamble on this route
One step forward two steps back
There's only one square on this track

There's only
Inside this realm
Inside my heart

I always seem to sink in zero
Mind in the sky with the roots at zero