Equilibrium Falls: Metalcore from St. Petersburg, Russia. Equilibrium Falls formed in 2013 and a year later in 2014 they released their debut EP called In Absence Of A View. In 2015 and 2016 they released singles Threshold and System Resistance respectively. 2017 was the year they released their first full length album Frames and Horizons.

By that time the band began to feel it lost interest in the direction they headed in the previous years and wanted to move away and experiment with other styles and sounds. Not only that but this also marked the start of finding their own path and development of their own style. A lot of work was put into this process, two singles released and finally in 2018, Equilibrium Falls released their EP - Within The Core. This was the release which demonstrated the new direction Equilibrium Falls wanted to head in. It set the general atmosphere, mood and energy for their future music.

In 2019 they released the single Red Star Residue and a few months later, another single, Crossed Out, followed in 2020. The single "Reflected Upon Me" was released in September 2020. This is the first song the band recorded and released with their new vocalist Sergei Pavlov-Blokhin. The single "Square Zero Constant", also with Sergei Pavlov-Blokhin, followed in January 2021.


Line up:

Alexei Saveliev
Aleksandr Marakhovskiy
Sergei Pavlov-Blokhin
Aleksandr Yudin