Equilibrium Falls Biography

Equilibrium Falls is a metal band from St. Petersburg, Russia.
Their style can be roughly characterised as a combination of melodic death metal and metalcore.

Initially the band was heavily influenced by Swedish Melodic Death Metal, something that is quite evident from their 2014 release "In Absence Of A View". This debut release was a 4 track EP.
Their next release was a single called Threshold in 2015 and in 2017 they released their first LP called "Frames And Horizons".

After this LP the band released 2 singles in 2017 and 2018 which displayed a change in musical style.
These two singles later on ended up being on the 2018 EP called "Within The Core".

This EP displayed a significant change in terms of the bands musical style and showed that Equilibrium Falls was open to new ideas in terms of music, style and atmosphere.

Within The Core (2018, EP)
Frames And Horizons (2017, LP)
Threshold (2015, single)
In Absence Of A View (2014, EP)